The mystery of who killed Jaidyn Leskie lives on

The last time, then one year old, Jaidyn Leskie was seen alive was fifteen years ago on the 15th June of 1997. Jaidyn was murdered and his body found six months later on 1st January 1998 at Blue Rock Dam, 18km north of Moe. Until this day, Leskie has never had his killer come face to face with justice, with one of the longest murder mysteries in Victoria never being solved.

Leskie, at the time of his murder, was being babysat by his mother’s boyfriend at the time, Greg Domaszewich. Jaidyn was kidnapped from the house of his mother’s boyfriend at Newborough. The circumstance around his disappearance and death have never been made clear, and were complicated by a pig’s head being thrown at the house and other vandalism on the evening of the toddler’s disappearance, an alleged prank about the boy’s fate. Jaidyn’s body has been preserved by the cold waters of the lake through winter and the clothing he was wearing was subject to a DNA test in an effort to solve the crime.

Jaidyn Leskie was found wrapped in a sleeping bag and weighed down with a crowbar. Mr Domaszewicz, now 44, insists he left the boy sleeping before going to pick up Jaidyn’s mother at a Traralgon pub.

Greg Domaszewicz was charged with murder but was found not guilty in December 1998. 

A controversial 2006 inquest, which alleged murderer Domaszewicz’s lawyer claimed to have been media driven, found that he had contributed to the toddler’s death and had likely disposed of the boy’s body. 

The inability to move forward with what some believe to be new evidence due to the double jeopardy laws in place in Victoria led Leskie’s mother to join a coalition asking for reform of these laws.

In December 21 2011, legislation was passed by the Victorian Parliament allowing new trials where there is “fresh and compelling DNA evidence, where the person acquitted subsequently admits to the crime, or where it becomes clear that key witnesses have given false evidence”.

However, just yesterday, Victoria Police said the case will not re-open, confirming that in spite of double jeopardy law reforms, the investigation is closed.

“The homicide squad investigation into the death of Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie is closed,” a police spokeswoman said.

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